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Additive by Sandvik

Additive manufacturing (AM) makes components lighter, stronger, and more flexible than ever before.

It enables previously impossible designs and revolutionizes manufacturing. It reinvents logistics and minimizes waste, reducing the need for transport, warehousing, and surplus inventory. Great advantages also for the environment.

Plan it, Print it, Perfect it

In additive manufacturing, printing makes up just one of seven steps you need to master. The remaining six we’ve wrestled with for decades in Sandvik.

Being metallurgists for more than 160 years, has resulted in world-leading metal powder for additive manufacturing with a broad alloy offering. Not to mention our post processing skills, such as machining – essential when additive manufacturing rarely turns out anything that is more than half-baked.

Even when designing for additive, it takes metallurgical knowledge to know how thinly a component can be printed and still hold up. With our expertise, we help businesses rethink their business. To do this, we take you through a three phase process: Plan it. Print it. Perfect it.

A choice of additive technologies

Being independent is important to us. It is about being able to select the optimal process for your project. That’s why we have invested in all relevant additive technologies for metals. We’ve spent years mapping different printing technologies such as Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) and Binder Jetting – gathering data and fine-tuning the processes. The result is a better component in your hand.

World-leading powder producers

Our program of Osprey® metal powder for additive manufacturing is preferred for a reason. We offer the broadest variety of alloys for additive manufacturing, tailor-made for advanced applications. Also, particle size can be adapted to fit any printing technique. We even customize small batches, matching powder to project. But the true secret to the powder might lie deeper, on a particle level. Each particle has a spherical shape. This allows for optimal flow and consistent packing..

Tried, tested and trusted

Did you know that the aerospace, oil and gas, medical, automotive, and nuclear industries all over the world rely on Sandvik? They do so because of our attention to quality and details. Building on Sandvik’s long experience in quality assurance, we have made it our mission to build a solid quality assurance system for additive manufacturing as well. To support this, Sandvik has northern Europe’s largest metallurgical R&D center, with the most sophisticated testing equipment.

Ready to print?

Where in the AM process are you? For many companies the first step is understanding what makes financial sense to print. Others need help redesigning a component to add extra value. Being metallurgists, machining experts paired with our know-how in different AM-technologies, allows us to squeeze the best result out of every step in the value chain. Such as packing the powder more tightly due to its spherical shape, or recommending a post-processing technique that makes your component that much more durable. Regardless of where in the process you are, we’re here. Ready to provide expert advice and manufacturing services.

A better world – layer by layer

Apart from adding value to businesses, additive manufacturing can have a positive impact on the environment. In fact, in the long term, additive manufacturing might play a significant role in reaching the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Additive manufacturing reduces material waste, as well as the amount of production steps involved in manufacturing, making energy savings. Nearly all material, 95%, is used in the AM-process. The rest can be recycled in a new melt. Also by placing a printer close to the customer, it allows for production to be undertaken locally. With only powder to transport, the number of transportations are greatly reduced. All this is great news for the planet and one of the reasons we are so excited about this groundbreaking technology.

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