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Business concept

As metallurgists, world-leading powder producers, post processing and metal cutting experts – we help industries fully benefit from the possibilities of additive manufacturing.

With more than 160 years in the metal industry, few understand the additive manufacturing value chain like we do. We have made extensive investments in research and development (R&D) in different additive manufacturing process technologies the recent years. Today, we’re developing components for industrial use.

Expert in a wide range of materials

As the world-leading manufacturer of gas-atomized Osprey® metal powder, our range of alloys is extensive. We can even customize small batches. Adding our leading expertise in post processing methods, like metal cutting, sintering, heat treatment and hot isostatic pressing, we master every step of the value chain for additive manufacturing.

We have access to northern Europe’s largest R&D center for advanced stainless steels, powder-based alloys and special alloys with the most sophisticated testing equipment around.

Within Sandvik we have a long tradition of delivering advanced materials and premium products to some of the most demanding industries around the globe, such as aerospace, nuclear, medical, chemical, automotive and oil and gas.

Mastering all seven steps

In additive manufacturing, printing makes up just one of seven steps you need to master, to ensure that your finished component performs at its best.

To help you fully benefit from the possibilities of additive manufacturing, we take you through a three-phase process: Plan it. Print it. Perfect it.

Our products and services offering includes:

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