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Formnext 2021 is taking shape and we are gearing up for an exciting presence as, once again, Sandvik Additive Manufacturing and the BEAMIT Group are joining forces – to showcase the strengths of the companies’ combined offering. Sandvik adds value to your business through 159 years of leading material expertise and the widest range of metal powders on the market. We are frontrunners in post processing – and have a wide range of printing technologies in-house. With the addition of BEAMIT and their experience of more than 20 years in AM, our joint offering across the additive value chain is unique on the market. Our most recent addition to the Sandvik-BEAMIT family is 3T Additive Manufacturing, resulting in the BEAMIT Group becoming one of the largest independent AM service providers in the world, serving the most demanding industries.

Truth is, there are many dreamers, but few masters of additive manufacturing. And for your
every challenge... the right partner is everything!


At Formnext 2021 we’ll be featuring our wide range of Osprey® metal powders, including our most recent addition of titanium and nickel-based superalloys. We are also displaying several industrial AM customer cases, that showcase the joint expertise of Sandvik and BEAMIT across the additive value chain – while spotlighting various materials, AM technologies, and post-processing methods. Read more about what will be in focus below.

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Visit hall 11, booth C21 to see how AM helps push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Developed by Gravity Industries – a strategic partner of 3T Additive Manufacturing– the jet suit is an innovation you don’t want to miss. Visit hall 11, booth C21 to see how AM helps push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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Breaking additive news by Sandvik

Sandvik and BEAMIT return to Formnext 2021

Sandvik and the BEAMIT Group – now
including 3T Additive Manufacturing – join forces at Formnext 2021, to showcase the latest news from their joint offering along the additive value chain.

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Sandvik and BEAMIT launch 3D printed super duplex

Sandvik and part subsidiary BEAMIT announce unique capability to produce AM components in Osprey® 2507 – known and trusted for its excellent corrosion resistance and durability – a gamechanger offshore.

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3D printed cemented carbide by Sandvik

Flexible customization and improved performance: by additively manufacturing their high-precision nozzles, Varel could cut lead times by 50–70% – while significantly
reducing their inventory.

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Metal powder by Sandvik: your additive advantage

Discover Osprey® titanium powder

Discover Osprey® titanium powder – produced in our state-of-the-art powder plant and optimized for additive manufacturing.

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Nickel-based super alloys – tailored to your process

Our leading range of Osprey® metal
powders now includes nickel-based super alloys. Produced in our state-of-the-art
atomizing plant and melted under vacuum for highest purity.

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Discover our full range of Osprey® metal powders

Imagine what 159 years of materials expertise could do for your additive process. We offer the widest range of alloys on the
market – customized to you every need.

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Additive By Sandvik – and some of our additive masterpieces in titanium, diamond and super-duplex

Lightweight CoroMill® 390 increasing productivity

The additive version of CoroMill® 390 is 3D printed in titanium powder – significantly lowering its weight while increasing
productivity by up to 200%.

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Sandvik creates first 3D printed diamond composite

Perfect structure. Perfect characteristics. Just imagine what it could do to industries when it is possible to print anything, in any shape – in diamond.

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3D printed titanium motor nodes in artisan e-bikes

GSD Global investigated the possibility of 3D printing their titanium components, and were thrilled to find that this could actually reduce their costs by up to 75%.

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About Formnext 2021

Formnext is a leading international exhibition and conference on the next generation of manufacturing technologies and the best place to catch up with the rapidly developing world of additive manufacturing. Formnext is where the best in design and product development, industrial tooling, production solutions, quality management, and measurement technology comes together with leading providers in basic materials and component construction. Whatever your interest in AM, Formnext is the place to be, with discussions, workshops, exhibitions and events right across the additive value chain.

With more than 159 years in the metal industry, few understand the secrets of additive manufacturing like Sandvik. Metallurgy runs through every step of AM. It also happens to be our specialty – it’s in our DNA. As the world-leading manufacturer of Osprey® metal powders for AM and a leading expert in post processing methods, such as heat treatment and machining, Sandvik masters every step of the additive manufacturing value chain. We call it: Plan it - Print it - Perfect it.

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