Metal powder for additive manufacturing

Based on our 150-year material knowledge and in-house powder manufacturing capabilities, we are expert at matching material to application. We offer the widest range of alloys around and can even customize materials.

Our program of OspreyTM metal powder includes:

  • Low alloy steels
  • Tool steels, including maraging steels

    Superalloys for additive manufacturing and HIP

    Our range of nickel-based superalloys has been extended by the addition of powders with extremely low levels of Oxygen and Nitrogen, making them especially suited for additive manufacturing and HIP (hot-isostatic pressing). These low levels are achieved through the use of vacuum melting as part of the gas atomization process.

    View list of nickel-based superalloys

  • Stainless steels and duplex steels
  • High temperature materials
  • Nickel-based superalloys
  • Cobalt alloys
  • Titanium alloys (capacity investments ongoing)
  • Copper alloys
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Low expansion alloys
  • Soft magnetic alloys

Are you simply looking to buy powder? Look into our offering of OspreyTM metal powder.

Download our factsheet for metal powder for additive manufacturing (PDF).

Other parts of our offering:

Advisory services for the entire additive manufacturing value chain, including e.g. material selection, design and modeling.

Full-service production of your component with the major printing technologies for metals in-house.