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SWII 2021

9 Nov 2021 08:15 - 18:30

The Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII) is an industrial R&D partnering program, aiming to increase high-technology R&D projects between Sweden and Switzerland. This year's theme is "Additive Manufacturing & Lightweight Technologies" and the event will be held in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Collaboration is key for fostering a better technology adaption. Sandvik and m4m Center work together in leveraging their additive manufacturing capabilities for new development projects. At SWII 2021 Sandvik and m4m Center will give a presentation providing examples from the medical industry, showing the importance of collaboration between both companies, to provide optimized solutions.

Read the full programme and learn more about SWII


Paul A Davies, PhD, Technical Solutions Manager, Sandvik Additive Manufacturing
Presenting ”Additive manufacturing capabilities for collaboration and technology transfers" with Nicolas Bouduban, CEO of m4m Center.

Paul Davies studied physics at Swansea University, Wales, U.K., and completed a PhD in the field of Material Science. He has five years’ experience working in the steel industry in the automotive and defense sectors and has been with Sandvik for more than 14 years. He specializes in powder metallurgy, with a particular focus on Metal Injection Molding and Additive Manufacturing.