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Youngest team member at the new Additive Manufacturing Center

New technologies require new skills and competencies, and a lot of the future experts can be found among Sandvik's employees. Meet technician Louise Hansson, 20, the youngest team member at Sandvik's new Additive Manufacturing Center.

What made you apply for this job?

"Additive manufacturing is something new and exciting. This is a great opportunity to develop myself and a new technique, as well as the company I work for."

What is your background?

"After graduation from the technical secondary school in Sandviken, I worked with research and development here at Sandvik until this opportunity came up."

How can you contribute to the team?

"I think my youth perhaps makes me think in new and different ways than some of the older team members. By working together, we can inspire and learn from each other."

On an average workday, what do you do?

"Most of the time I prepare and operate additive manufacturing machines. I also do mechanical tests of additive manufacturing parts. In addition, I test the properties of the metal powders in the different types of techniques to see how they perform, for example in a machine using a laser melting technique or electron-beam melting."

What will you be printing in ten years?

"By then I think everyone will have a type of additive manufacturing printer at home. Myself? I might be printing a pair of new candle holders for my home."