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In additive manufacturing (AM), printing makes up just one of seven steps you need to master. The remaining six we have wrestled with for decades.

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Being metallurgists has resulted in a world-leading offering of powder for AM. Not to mention our post-processing skills. Our expertise in machining, for example, is essential since additive manufacturing rarely turns out anything that is more than half-baked. Even when designing for AM, we have the knowledge to determine how thinly a component can be printed and still hold up.

A three-phase process: Plan it – Print it – Perfect it

We take you through a three-phase process – Plan it, Print it, Perfect it – to ensure that you get the most out of additive manufacturing. Read more about the process below and find out how we add unique knowledge to each step.

Plan it

Print it

Perfect it

Other parts of our offering:

Full-service production of your component with the major printing technologies for metals in-house.

Gas-atomized metal powder for additive manufacturing in a wide range of alloys.

Kristian Egeberg, President of Sandvik’s Additive Manufacturing business, shares his view on additive manufacturing. "It is so much more than just the printing part."