6. Post processing

To achieve required properties, it is almost always necessary to post-process components produced with additive manufacturing. We have more than 75 years of leading expertise in post processing methods, such as machining.

To achieve the right properties such as surface quality, geometrical accuracy and mechanical properties, nearly all AM-components need post processing. This can include heat treatment, separating the components from support structure and build plate, surface finishing procedures, as well as testing and certification. Heat treatment is needed to relieve stress on components before their removal from the build plate. Surface treatment can include machining, blasting and polishing.

Internal surfaces, such as internal cooling channels, can be polished using abrasive flow machining. We have leading expertise in post-processing methods, such as metal cutting, sintering, heat treatment, as well as hot isostatic pressing (HIP). Our advanced post processing portfolio ensures that all AM components reach their full potential and that they match your specific requirements.

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