Additive by Sandvik: Plan it – Print it – Perfect it

In additive manufacturing, printing makes up just one of seven steps you need to master. The remaining six we have wrestled with for decades.

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Being metallurgists has resulted in world-leading powder production, with a broad alloy offering for additive manufacturing. Not to mention our post processing skills, including or world-leading expertise in machining – which are essential especially since additive manufacturing rarely turns out anything that is more than half-baked. Even when designing for additive, it takes metallurgical knowledge to know how thinly a component can be printed and still hold up.

A three-phase process: Plan it – Print it – Perfect it

We take you through a three phase process – Plan it, Print it, Perfect it – to ensure that you get the most out of additive manufacturing. Read more about the process below and find out how we add unique knowledge to each step.

Plan it

1. Selecting what to print

We help identify which components are both suitable and profitable to print. Since we are also the leading experts on subtractive manufacturing, such as metal cutting, we will, of course, tell you when not to use additive manufacturing.

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2. Material selection

In what environment does your component exist? Based on our 150-year material knowledge and in-house powder manufacturing capabilities, we are expert at matching material to application. We offer the widest range of AM-alloys around and can even customize materials.

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3. Design and modeling

Additive manufacturing forces us to rethink everything. We have worked in close collaboration with industries like automotive, medical, aerospace and power generation for decades – to understand their material challenges and learn about their applications.

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4. Choice of optimal AM technology

Being independent is important to us. With all major printing technologies in-house, it means that you can always trust that we choose the optimal process for your component.

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Print it

5. Additive manufacturing

From rapid prototyping to serial production, we are at your service. All additive manufacturing processes feature layer-by-layer fabrication of three-dimensional objects, but production techniques vary, depending on material or component. We develop the right printing parameters so that your product gets the optimum properties.

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Perfect it

6. Post processing

In order to achieve required properties, it is almost always necessary to post-process components produced with additive manufacturing. We have more than 75 years of leading expertise in post-processing methods, such as machining, sintering or hot isostatic pressing.

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7. Testing and quality assurance

Traceability, testing and documentation. Building on Sandvik’s long experience in quality assurance, we have made it our mission to build a solid quality assurance system within additive manufacturing as well.

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Kristian Egeberg, President of Sandvik’s Additive Manufacturing business, shares his view on additive manufacturing. "It is so much more than just the printing part."

Other parts of our offering:

Full-service production of your component with the major printing technologies for metals in-house.

Gas-atomized metal powder for additive manufacturing in a wide range of alloys.