The additive advantage

Once in a while a new technology comes along that changes everything. Transportation, lead times, warehousing, just to name a few. Those who are quick to embrace change and explore what additive manufacturing offers can make a real impact on both profitability and environmental footprint.

Just imagine what additive manufacturing can do

This film explains how our customers benefit from switching to additive manufacturing.

The additive technology is generational, transforming not only its own field, but also ripples change out across society.

The real value in additive manufacturing today comes from understanding what should be printed, and what should not.

Why our customers have chosen additive

Additive manufacturing marks an inflection point in manufacturing that allows previously impossible structures to be produced. If you can design it, you can print it. Learn more by reading some of our customer cases:

Productivity-increasing cooling clamps for Seco Tools.

CoroMill 390® milling cutter – optimized design, 80% lower weight and 50–200% increased productivity.

Varel nozzles are subject to constant wear and tear – calling for hard materials and excellent wear resistance.

LKAB Wassara mining drills: streamlined design and integrated water channels.

Equinor impeller: A faster, lighter, more cost-efficiently manufactured impeller.

Read the whole story about the world’s first 3D printed, smash-proof metal guitar.

Our offering

We take you from idea to prototype – or serial production.

From rapid prototyping to serial production, we offer full service production of your component.

We offer the widest range of powder alloys for additive manufacturing around and can even customize materials.