A taste of Sweden at Sandvik’s executive restaurant

bruksmässen_2.jpgDuring your stay, we’ll serve up an appetizing smorgasbord of Swedish tastes: classic and contemporary cuisine – as well as a glimpse into Sandvik’s 157-year heritage.

Dinner will be served at the famous executive restaurant Bruksmässen, one of Sandviken’s oldest buildings. Here we will experience first-class Swedish cuisine, possibly featuring moose, and some other Swedish specialties. Vegetarian food is always available for all meals, of course.


moose_small.jpgBruksmässen is one of Sandviken's oldest buildings and was built in 1900 by Sandviken's Jernverk.
Until 1943 it was run as a hotel and has thereafter been a restaurant. From 1945 until 1980 Bruksmässen was common dining-hall for the civil servants of Sandvik. Many had both breakfast, lunch and dinner here.

There is no coincidence that the railway station is opposite Bruksmässen. It was earlier situated near the railway bridge but was moved in 1920 to its actual place. Just to be as close as possible to the so called Brukshotellet. The garden was just where the railway station is today.

Today, Bruksmässen is not only a restaurant for the customers and visitors, but also a conference center in an exclusive century old environment.