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Material data: Osprey® 2507 super-duplex stainless steel

Osprey® 2507 super-duplex stainless steel – material data super duplex, super duplex 2507, super duplex stainless steel, Osprey 2507, super duplex metal powder, metal powder 3d printing, metal powder, super duplex material data, Osprey 2507 data, powder bed fusion Osprey® 2507 is a super-duplex

Super duplex powder for additive manufacturing

Osprey ® 2507 is a super-duplex (austenitic-ferritic) stainless steel metal powder tailored for additive manufacturing. The alloy is characterized by, for example, excellent corrosion resistance in chloride environments, high resistance to general corrosion and very high mechanical strength.

BEAMIT develops additive manufacturing process for Titanium Ti6242: a breakthrough for sustainable industrial production

BEAMIT analysis shows that the Ti6242 Titanium alloy printed with additive technologies for motorsport and aeronautical applications performs better than alloys processed with conventional technologies.

BEAMIT Group acquires 3T Additive Manufacturing, creating Europe’s most advanced AM service provider

The BEAMIT Group has acquired 3T Additive Manufacturing from AM GLOBAL, creating one of the most integrated and advanced additive manufacturing service providers in the world. In 2019, Sandvik acquired a significant stake in the BEAMIT Group, establishing a strong industrial partnership with

Immensa Additive Manufacturing Group partners with Sandvik – advancing AM across the Middle East

Sandvik Additive Manufacturing and part subsidiary BEAMIT establish a strategic partnership with Immensa Additive Manufacturing Group – the leading AM solution provider in the MENA region.

Call us - Additive manufacturing in super duplex stainless steels

Contact our experts today to learn more about our additive manufacturing offering. Telephone: +46 26 26 00 00

ZARE acquires majority stake in additive manufacturing medical company Proxera®

After joining the BEAMIT Group, ZARE has now acquired a majority stake in the additive manufacturing (AM) medical company Proxera ® . This means that the leading AM service provider in Europe now also enters the high-growth market for 3D-printed metal implants.

Sandvik invests in leading AI-powered manufacturing software provider Oqton

High-tech engineering group Sandvik has acquired a minority stake in the privately owned American company Oqton, a leading provider of AI-powered manufacturing solutions that allow manufacturers to manage, optimize and automate their manufacturing workflows.

Sandvik and BEAMIT making several important advances in additive manufacturing

Sandvik and BEAMIT make advances in additive manufacturing. BEAMIT now acquires ZARE, meaning that two leading additive manufacturing service bureaus join forces to become one of the largest independent AM service providers.

BEAMIT has achieved NADCAP Accreditation

BEAMIT is driving the Additive Manufacturing Industry to the next level. Another key milestone has been achieved with NADCAP Accreditation on Heat Treating, following with broader scope and supplementary processes with the target to satisfy the needs of the high-end ASD customers.

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