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Super-duplex stainless steels

Super duplex stainless steel is the materials family whose properties constitute a game-changer to the offshore and marine industries. Now, Sandvik Additive Manufacturing proudly presents Osprey ® 2507-AM super-duplex powder, combining the mechanical properties of super-duplex steel with the

Greater functionality – smarter assembly

The LKAB Wassara sliding case is used for water-powered, down-the-hole hammers. Unlike traditional manufacturing, additive manufacturing allows the two parts of this sliding case to be merged – and created as a single unit.

3D printed cemented carbide nozzles – optimized and wear resistant design

Varel high-precision nozzles are used to inject fluid across fixed cutter bits. These small products are subject to harsh underground hard-rock drilling and extreme hydraulic conditions – calling for hard materials and excellent wear resistance. Cue 3D printed cemented carbide. Contact us

Design the unseen - optimize performance

CoroMill ® 390 is a versatile industrial system with cutter versions for shoulder milling and long edge milling. The development of the additive version of CoroMill ® 390 has been like an evolution. Contact us buttons - Additive manufacturing

Drilling a curved hole is hard – printing it isn't

The Seco Tools coolant clamp attaches to the cutting edge of industrial turning heads. Coolant flows through the clamp, cooling the cutting edge and controlling the waste chips produced. Contact us buttons - Additive manufacturing

Finding the AM sweetspot

The real value in AM today comes from understanding what should be printed, and what should not. Whether the choice is motivated by functional improvements, efficiency, or individual customization, the decision should be part of a holistic process.

How AM changes more than manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a generational technology, something that transforms not only its own field, but also ripples change out across society. AM marries the innovation, agility, and efficiency of the digital revolution with the established body of knowledge of the material sciences. It is