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Download datasheets Cemented Carbide for Additive Manufacturing.pdf (PDF document, 304 kB)


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Product data

Using additive manufacturing for making cemented carbide components means far greater design flexibility compared to producing components by, for example, press and sintering methods. With additive manufacturing, virtually any component geometry is possible. Contact us buttons - Cemented carbide

Five questions to the additive expert: Super duplex in 3D printing explained

We sat down with Nikhil Dixit, Application Engineer at Sandvik Additive Manufacturing, to discuss the benefits, potential, and impact of using super-duplex in additive manufacturing (AM).

BEAMIT Group among élite achieving Nadcap Welding accreditation – Additive Manufacturing commodity

Remarkable achievement for BEAMIT: Nadcap Welding accreditation with merit, the highest standard in Additive Manufacturing to serve Aerospace and Aviation industries.

Sandvik and BEAMIT launch 3D printed super duplex to the market – Osprey® 2507 components outperforming several traditional counterparts

Sandvik and part subsidiary BEAMIT Group announce a unique capability to additively manufacture components in super-duplex stainless steel. The components printed in Osprey ® 2507 metal powder – known and trusted for its excellent corrosion resistance and durability.

Material data: Osprey® 2507 super-duplex stainless steel

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Super duplex powder for additive manufacturing

Osprey ® 2507 is a super-duplex (austenitic-ferritic) stainless steel metal powder tailored for additive manufacturing. The alloy is characterized by, for example, excellent corrosion resistance in chloride environments, high resistance to general corrosion and very high mechanical strength.

BEAMIT develops additive manufacturing process for Titanium Ti6242: a breakthrough for sustainable industrial production

BEAMIT analysis shows that the Ti6242 Titanium alloy printed with additive technologies for motorsport and aeronautical applications performs better than alloys processed with conventional technologies.

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